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We are a diverse bunch, bravely becoming His Family. 

We are a diverse

We are young, old and everywhere in between walking the journey of life together as a family. 


Family isn’t defined only by blood; it's defined by commitment and by love. It means showing up when they need it most. It means having each others backs. It means choosing to love each other when you struggle to like each other.

It means never giving up on each other! 


Bravely becoming the church Jesus had in mind...

We aren’t satisfied with staying the same. We aren’t satisfied with religion. We want to grow and change and become what Jesus demonstrated- people that will follow the Father unreservedly and love unconditionally. 

The church isn’t a building or a place.

It is people. A people empowered by Holy Spirit to do the impossible.

Influencing humanity with Heaven's grace

Jesus created an atmosphere around him where anything was possible. Where your past no longer defines you or what you can become. We want to live like that! 

We are living, breathing proof of the God’s love on the earth and we want to inspire others to recognize that in themselves. We want to let Jesus change us to become more like him and to effect everything around us because of it. We want to see Heaven come to earth through us!


How are we becoming a diverse family that influences

the world with Heaven's Grace?



First, we were born to be loved, and more specifically loved by our Heavenly Father. We find who we really are in His love and by His words to us. This is where all of our journeys were meant to start from the foundation of being loved by God. Connecting to God is vital to becoming fully alive and the starting place to bring heaven to earth.  



God put treasures in all His children and challenges us to come together to receive the different gifts God put in each one of us. We grow faster and more like Christ when we receive and give to each other the inheritance of heaven in each of us.



  We could settle in being loved by God or connecting with a few people, but Father wants us to keep going. We are put here for a purpose of spreading the love of Father to all who need loved.

  We find who we are in Him, and how we impact others by coming together- then we go out and show others this same journey.

  We are called to be like Jesus by influencing all of humanity with the culture of heaven which we are receiving and becoming. Father will show off with your life when you boldly take steps of faith in bringing heaven to earth, by loving, healing, and believing in those who belong but don’t believe yet.



As a diverse group of people, there are many different things we are passionate about, that we each value and we can all contribute.

There is room for you here. 

“In My Father’s house are many dwelling places.” (rooms/mansions/chambers of the heart).

John 14:2

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