"Community for me in its truest form, is marked by people who grasp the concept that we are in this thing together- sink or swim! That we belong to each other and in that, carry each others burdens and lift each other up when "up" is in order. We are connected by allowing ourselves to be truly seen and by being a safe haven for that seeing in each other"                                                                               ~Romay Nichols 


At ALife we value family and one thing we hear all the time is that when people first come through our doors, they feel a sense of ‘at home’ - if you’d like to be part of an official team that hosts this atmosphere intentionally, 

ALife Kids- 6m-5th grade

In this room…we aim to connect each child's heart in such a way that they become open to encounter Jesus, Father & Holy Spirit in a real and powerful way. We want His visibility in their lives to be so common that they expect it, and their connection to be so real that it lasts them the rest of their lives!

Prophetic (Words of Identity)- Tracy Horne


Intercession- Teresa Turner -visit AlifeofPrayer on FB


Prayer- Pastor Phil Russell 360.201.2152

Prayer, Intercession & Prophetic

Jesus called every believer to a life filled with prayer, intercession & prophecy. This is the means by which we partner with our Father and bring dead things to life. The Bible records Jesus preaching one sermon, but he references prayer more than twenty times, as His life is completely given to intercession for all humanity. Prophetic ministry also plays a primary roll though history & the life of Jesus, because it is God's design to bring us forward. His words spoken and lived are all prophetic in nature. We believe Jesus is our example.

Each of these groups do their best to minister life and healing with every opportunity. We would love to have you join us in seeing heaven invade earth! To find out more, contact us.

Worship & Arts

Worship is our connection to the heart of God.
This connection flows into all of life and as a result ALL OF LIFE IS WORSHIP. In the most simplest of things to the most difficult, in the mundane and the extraordinary, in loving, forgiving, dreaming, surrendering. 
Worship isn't what we do it's who we are!

As a worship team we are a group of people with hearts to create a atmosphere for all to engage corporately in responding to God. We are lead by Holy Spirit and that can look different every time. We are valued not by our skill but by knowing who we are!
If your interested in trying out for the team contact Rachael through the link below.

A LIFE Youth 

Alife Force is a youth group connection. It is a place for Kingdom exploration, equipping and building relationships to cultivate His love for one another.


If you are passionate about youth and would like to help lead in this area, please connect with us, we would love to talk!


      Youth Leader​

  • People who lock up every Sunday

  • People to put out the signs and then take them down again Sunday Mornings

  • Someone to take care of the plant boxes

  • Misc cleaning projects

  • App Updater

  • Video Announcement creator 

  • Social Media updater

  • Live Streaming operator