Connection. Opportunity. Purpose. 

Imagine a home with room for everyone- a mansion if you will...

    We walk into the living room; a huge space with tall ceilings and space for family & friends to get together and room to invite more to join in. Now imagine walking a little further in, we see a huge table stretched out before us, etched with the passage of time, lined with chairs of people that have come for conversation & connection. A kitchen table, scattered coffee cups and empty plates, signs of time well spent. 

    As we go down the hall we see all sorts of rooms; a library for study, an office for business development, bedrooms, sitting rooms, fitness room, playrooms....

    The more diverse the family, the more rooms we build and fill. We have listed below some of the rooms we have developed and some that are in the works. Our heart is for this list of "Rooms" to be growing and expanding as more people come and expand our home.  

“In My Father’s house are many dwelling places.”

(rooms/mansions/chambers of the heart).

                                                                                      John 14:2


In this room… we connect to God, His love, and respond to Him all as one family. We partner with Holy Spirit to lead us into an atmosphere where we experience God, we come to life, and we become His family.

Everyone belongs and is welcome in this space we call our "family room".


In this room… we intentionally invite people into our lives for authentic relationships. By creating a safe place through vulnerability and loving people, we become the connecting point to God. 

Be it a dinner table and a shared meal, a coffee table and a latte or glass of wine, the table is the front door to the family of Christ we are becoming.

A LIFE Youth 
Image by Robert Collins

In this room…we aim to connect each child's heart in such a way that they become open to encounter Jesus, Father & Holy Spirit in a real and powerful way. We want His visibility in their lives to be so common that they expect it, and their connection to be so real that it lasts them the rest of their lives!


In this room…Holy Spirit inspires creatives to use their passions, skills and anointing to change atmospheres, both on Sunday morning and other outlets. There are many facets of creativity expressed here, including music, creative writing, stage design, art, sound and the A•Life Music label. We are passionate about creating songs, sounds, and art that change the culture and that will reach far beyond our family walls.

Image by Jefferson Santos

In this room… we extend our arms outside the walls of our building and into our community, the city, and the world. Our City of Hope and A Child’s Life Learning Center are ways that this is already happening, missions to other nations are part of this with lots of room for growth.


In this room…there is space to go a little deeper into specific topics, where we grow together and study important subjects including marriage, Understanding Grace, Culture of Honor, Hearing God’s Voice, finances, among other varying topics. This is the study room of A•Life, dedicated to furthering our growth and understanding.


In this room… People are freed from things that are blocking them from experiencing abundant life and true relationship with God and each other. We pursue wholeness and intentionally go after healings of the heart through a variety of means including counseling, deliverance, and Holy Spirit interventions. We do this in a safe and secure way with people we trust.


In this room… there is intentional space for Holy Spirit to move. We activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit by equipping and participating in prayer, intercession, prophecy, healing, words of knowledge, discerning of spirits and all the ways Holy Spirit works to create and sustain life. This room includes a dedicated intercession team, as well as prayer teams, prophetic teams, and occasional worship/prophetic nights. 


In this room… we intentionally pursue relationships in which we grow and learn from Christ together by encouraging, equipping and challenging each other to become Christ to others.

We do this primarily through personal coaching in small groups, but we also have Christ Life Training as an even more intensified form of training and equipping.


In this room…we help people find their place in the body of Christ at large through coaching, equipping and sending out. This room is an outlet to connect and send people out into ministry through relationships all over the world through the direction of Dr. Bob Nichols and Ted Hanson.


In this room… we are influenced by outside sources to boost the culture we are, as well as to influence the broader community and support the leaders who are building the church Jesus has in mind all over the world.


In this room… people in business bring heaven's culture into their work environments impacting the lives of the people they work with. We also recognize that God has gifted some people to be benefactors to the kingdom of God and inspire and equip others to be the same.

In this room... we have fun! In His presence is fullness of joy, so the family of God should be the happiest place on earth. This family loves to laugh and let our souls engage in JOY.


In this room… gifted and talented people create excellent and anointed content in ways that draw attention to the message of life we carry. Through video, social media, printed material and the internet, we make a way for people to learn and want more.


In this room…we realize that aligning our bodies with God's design for us is an important part of integrating all of who we are into wholeness. Our body has been overlooked and we believe the time to value our physical health is now, through exercise, healthy eating, and a healthy mindset.


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Tell us what caught your eye, or is there something missing? Are there areas that you are passionate about that you would like to invite others into? 

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