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Connection. Opportunity. Purpose. 

We love to see people activated and engaged in living out their calling and purpose! There are so many different ways that can look from leading small groups to preparing meals to taking pictures... In the sections below we have highlighted some of the main elements that make up our church expression. Check it out and see if something stirs in you that you would like to pursue. 


We have several practical areas that we need help with to keep everything running and to reach people the way we want to. See the list below for ways you can be a part of our core team. 

If there is an area that you are passionate about that isn't listed let us know! 


   On the last Sunday of each month we are meeting in homes instead of at the church building. 

   This gives us an opportunity to build connections and BE the church to one another in a way that doesn't happen on a typical Sunday morning. 

   We get together in homes to listen to the online message together, and then groups can worship, pray, and hang out together! 

There are groups all over the county and beyond! If you need help finding a group reach out! 

Image by John Schnobrich

Locking up after services

  1. Coffee shop

  2. Helping with kids classes

  3. Running live stream

  4. Running the words for worship

  5. Mixing sound for worship and services

  6. Join intercessors team

  7. Take pictures of services and room 


Having a coffee shop is one way we get to create more connection on Sunday mornings. It gives us a gathering place and an opportunity to put a smile on someone's face. 

And we live in the PNW -we need coffee! 

If you would like to help out in our coffee shop, let us know! 

Image by Nathan Dumlao
A LIFE Youth 
Image by Robert Collins

Holy Spirit inspires creatives to use their passions, skills and anointing to change atmospheres, both on Sunday morning and in other outlets.

We love including all kinds of creativity here, including music, creative writing, stage design, art, and sound. 

If this is an area you would like to be involved in please let us know!


We aim to connect each child's heart in such a way that they become open to encounter Jesus, Father & Holy Spirit in a real and powerful way. We want His visibility in their lives to be so common that they expect it, and their connection to be so real that it lasts them the rest of their lives!

We need people that share our passion to connect our children to God. If you would like to help out we would love to connect with you!

Image by Jefferson Santos
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

We believe in the power of prayer to shift and change things! We have a team of people that are listening to what Holy Spirit is highlighting and are tuned in to what is happening in the Spirit so they can pray effectively for our Church body. 

We meet on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month at the church at 6:30 pm to pray. 


We love to extend our arms outside the walls of our building and into our community, the city, and the world.

Our "City of Hope" and "A Child’s Life Learning Center" are ways we are impacting our city. 

Through our connection with Ted Hanson's ministry "House of Bread" and relationship with G42 & World Race we are able to have a global impact. 

Kitchen Table
Sunday Morning
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