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 Jonathan and Danielle (Danie) Hanson: 

Jonathan, Danie and their two fabulous girls, Aubrey and London, were given Abundant Life in 2010 by Pastor Ted Hanson. His ceiling is now their floor, built on a foundation of hearing God, understanding His language and releasing grace to the earth. They are honoring the call to lead ALife by empowering people to see, feel, and walk in an increasing measure of the Abundant Life Jesus gives in their down-to-earth, vulnerable, whole-hearted lives. 

Danie & Jonathan have been married 20 years! 

Jonathan Hanson

Lead Pastor

Truly Jonathan has the heart of a father, always seeing and pulling out the best of people (even when there is very little ‘best’ to be found!). He is an excellent listener and intuitive friend and would never ask of anyone that which he’s isn’t willing to do himself. Jonathan has a high value for deep conversations – which is the tone of the awesome messages he brings Sunday mornings. He inspires us to think and ask questions and search for answers instead of assuming he has them all!

Jonathan loves really getting to know people and empowering them to see and move beyond what’s standing in their way. Plus, his laugh is absolutely infectious and memorable, and he does it a lot!! 


Something you might not know about Jonathan: He loves drumming, mountain biking, and movies (with a big bowl of m&ms)

Danielle Hanson 

Fun Pastor

Danie is a dynamite combination of fearless freedom, unfiltered honesty, and deep compassion. She has a high value for FUN and loves to keep the atmosphere light, especially if things get too serious! 

Danie has a huge heart to help people by showing them that they have what it takes to change their situation, especially relating to body image, healthy lifestyle and eating.

Her confidence is contagious – you will be challenged to believe in yourself after spending time with her!


Something you might not know about Danie: She is a workout maniac! She teaches POUND classes multiple times a week and loves Belly Dancing! 

Nachos and chocolate are her vices and ‘sarcastic teasing’ is her true love-language. 


Ted & Bonnie Hanson


Ted & Bonnie founded Abundant Life church over 20 years ago and still remain an integral part of the ministry. Ted travels extensively around the world sharing the message of grace that is ingrained into the foundation of ALife. He trains and equips believers through his ministry House of Bread as well as Christ Life training- an intensive ministry school and internship program. Bonnie continues to be a steady keel of wisdom and encouragement to the leaders and the church as a whole. 

Phil & Deanna Russell


Phil & Deanna are solid rocks and have been with Ted & Bonnie since the beginning of Abundant Life. Their support is a valuable gift to the leadership of Alife. 

They have been married for over 40 years and love to share their wisdom and encouragement with other couples through marriage classes. 

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