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Salvation isn’t a one-time event, it’s a continuous journey to wholeness.


Dr. Brad Jersak and William Paul Young are pioneers on this journey, bringing wisdom and intellect together for a full and life-bringing picture of what it means to be human. Christ Like. Love’s kind. Whole. Connected and open-hearted. 


“When the way of our being matches the truth of our being” - Wm. Paul Young


We live in a world that divides heart and mind. One in which a great chasm exists between what we think we should be and who we really are at the core -  so much so that we often feel incongruent. Like we are in a constant tug-of-war between our outsides and our insides as they battle to be on the forefront. What if congruence could be found so that who we are in the world is the same as who we are at our deepest level? When our outsides match our insides and the image of Christ in us becomes the image we portray as we live our lives?


Wm. Paul Young is a story-teller and a story-holder. His way of being invites others into a more authentic expression of themselves as image-bearers of the Divine.



Dr. Brad Jersak is a patristic scholar with insight into scripture and God that brings the ancient Christian faith to light and moves us into a more beautiful gospel, a more beautiful God and a more beautiful way to be human. 


Friday night:


Questions on Wholeness- Dr. Brad Jersak & Wm. Paul Young 



9:30-11:30 Coffee & Brunch snacks 

Edan Jersak & Wm. Paul Young 

12:00 Lunch with Speakers (see notes)

2:00- 4:00 Q&A session

6:30 Dr. Brad Jersak



10am Wm Paul Young

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