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Image by Annie Spratt


Our vision is to fund His Kingdom and bring His Kingdom to the Marketplace. 

We want to see benefactors of His Kingdom rise up and make plans for

new businesses that will change our world.  



Who is this for:

People who feel called to be a Benefactor for His Kingdom.

People who want to see God invade the marketplace with heaven.

People who want give more through their life then they receive for themselves. 

People who want to pray and prophecy to other business leaders and owners. 

People who own a business

People who want to make a real difference at their workplace.

People who want to start a business.


Funding His Kingdom and bringing His Kingdom to the Marketplace. 

Raise up benefactors for His Kingdom and make plans  for new businesses that will change our world.  


To purposely partner with God in our business. 

To support people who are doing His will and need the finances to do so.

Gather ideas from God on how to change our city and all we need is funding and leaders.

Go and pray for businesses and nonprofits. 

Set up scholarships 

In a Meeting


We meet monthly on Fridays at 6:30 at Alife.

Check social media or our events page for our next gathering. 

We would love to pray and prophecy over your business. 

We have a team ready to prophecy over you and your business if you are wanting to take that leap of faith by adding Holy Spirit as a business partner. 


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