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Whether you stumbled across our web page, visited one of our weekend gatherings, or are just curious about who we are, we are glad you’re here! Our hope is that after you get to know us, you would quickly feel a part of the ALife family!



Visiting a new place can be intimidating -and even more so when it's church...we want you to know what to expect so you can feel as comfortable as possible! 

    Our coffee shop opens at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings. When you get here grab a cup of coffee or tea on us. From the life-affirming words we write on our cups to the carefully selected teas and local coffees – we hope you feel encouraged, loved, and spoken to from the moment you walk in the door. Enjoy a few minutes to mix and mingle or get cozy in your seat before the service begins at 10:00 am.

    We have a living room style set up with couches, chairs and tables. There is no stage, just our people and our instruments in the middle. It is our hope that every aspect of our living room makes you feel at home.

    We love expressing our hearts to God in all different ways. You may see people worshipping with flags, creating art, or praying for each other. Church has many expressions, but at its core, it is people doing life together, and we would like you to feel welcome to do life with us!

    After worship, around 10:30 am, our kids go to their own breakout session. We have a one-room style set up with children ages 2-10 all hanging out together, learning about Jesus.  

    Our pastorsJonathan & Danie share together each week what God has put on their hearts for the church. It is grounded in the Word and applicable to day-to-day life. 


At the end of each service, we have the chance to get

activated. We don't want to hear and quickly forget what was said. We want the Word to transform us to be more like Jesus and come alive in who He made us to be.    


On the last Sunday of each month we do CHURCH @ HOME- there is no in-person service. You can gather with others to watch the livestream from the comfort of your own living rooms.

Church at Home new.jpg


The Vision...

Life and Church began to look a bit different in 2020. For so many it brought uncertainty and changes to every aspect of life, for us it also brought the feeling of opportunity. For a long time we had the sense that church could look different, we had visions of church happening in the courtyards, in our very homes, like in its grassroots formation.

Through isolation and livestreaming in 2020 we found a pathway to the church we felt possible. An opportunity to set a virtual table and invite everyone. Since the end of isolation, church from home has had the ability to become all that we hoped.

On the last Sunday of every month, we hold no in-person service and instead livestream from our living room to yours. With this comes a great opportunity to invite others to your table, your living room, your home. Many people crave connection but find the doors to church intimidating. Church at Home is our chance to create an environment where all feel welcome and at home. It has become a space for neighbors and friends, new and old, to gather as the church. Church at home is each of our abilities to become the church and create space for each other to do life TOGETHER.

Join us the last Sunday of every month online at 10:00 am. Invite a neighbor - a friend and pull up a chair.

Livestreamed through YouTube, Facebook, and the web.

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