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So many people are looking for their identity and purpose in life.

Unfortunately, in today's age, we are being told so many different things about identity that it can be overwhelming. Some of us get lucky, and we bump into what it feels like to operate from our true identity.

Everything makes sense, feels right, and just works

when we are in that perfect place. 

What if we told you that you could live from that true identity all the time, and it did not matter if you had the perfect environment or not?


This discovery of Jesus’s Identity and our identity is the very rock He builds the church on. 

If we are to become this church Jesus has in mind, we need to know what “this rock” is. We believe the ROCK is; knowing who He is, and hearing who we are directly from Him. We are getting a glimpse of our purpose partnered with Jesus.

We want to support you in your walk with God as you bravely become all that you were designed to be, and help you discover your Identity and find out who God really is. 



Are you ready to take this adventure to hear and live out your true identity?

We have a one day intensive that will help you

-Unlock your identity.

-Discover your purpose.

-Hear whom you were born to be.


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